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Real Estate

Residential real estate

The sale, purchase, or construction of a home is one of the largest financial transactions of anyone's life, and also one of the more stressful. Are you selling or buying a home? Be sure to consult with an attorney to avoid costly mistakes in real estate transactions. Residential real estate can involve the following matters:

Deeds Promissory notes
Mortgages Condemnation
Closing documents Construction agreements
Residential leases Foreclosures
Contract and document preparation Real estate litigation
Owner financing Title matters
Mechanic's lien Evictions

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate transactions can involve different kinds of properties, including the following:

Retail properties Shopping centers
Warehouses Office buildings
Manufacturing facilities Hotels
Apartment complexes Vacant land

These transactions include the same kinds of documents as used in residential sale. However, because of their complex nature, including zoning and environmental issues, there is usually significantly more documentation to be prepared, reviewed and considered.